Twist Into Me





He was waiting for me to say something. Anything… But my head was lost in a sea of uncertainty.

Tessa Wilkerson would’ve loved growing up with her Nana Louise in a charming Kentuckian town, living above her flower shop on decorated Main Street. But unexpected circumstances took that away from her. Now at a standstill in her life, this twenty-one year old finds her way back to reconnect with what she’s lost. But her summer of love, family and serenity soon leads to tragic loss, and even though good friends and taking up ownership of a popular business has her planting unintended roots, when a romance blossoms with the one guy she never saw coming, will fear of love and circumstance lead her astray, or will she find the courage to bloom like never before?

Fans of Hope Floats and Where the Heart Is will enjoy this emotional story of love, heartbreaking loss and finding the reason you’re meant to move on.


New Adult Contemporary Romance

Note:  Some Mild Language and Sexual Situations.

Published November 9, 2015



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