Ashes & Dust




Deep inside me a spark ignites. One that’s pushing; deeper, sharper, into expanding black recesses I never knew existed, poisoning as it goes, ready to drown what’s left of my soul.  

Something foreign runs through Rosalie’s veins, twisting her insides, making her blood run blue. As the rescue nears, Rosalie finds herself battling the stardust, struggling to fight off its toxic properties that are as damaging as they are healing. No longer in control of her own emotions, her actions have deadly consequences; and not just for her, but for everyone who stands beside her.


Clean YA Fantasy.

Publishing Date:  2/25/2022

eBooks: Amazon US, UK, IN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, CA, BR, MX, AU, Nook, iTunes, Google Play and Kobo.

Paperbacks available at Amazon (5.25×8) and Barnes and Noble (5.5×8.5), Hardbacks available at TBD




Asher Monroe Book (Jack) and Sierra Kusterbeck (Rosalie). Go to the Of Dust & Darkness Pinterest page for their pics and more.











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